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Get Funded PR - Crowdfunding PR Agency

Get Funded PR is a premium crowdfunding PR agency. GetFundedPR.com helps crowdfunders obtain more media coverage, exposure, and funding for their crowdfunding projects. Get Funded PR specializes in Kickstarter PR, Indiegogo PR, and results driven crowdfunding PR.


GetFundedPR.com has a team of 9 people who have digital marketing experience. Each team member of GetFundedPR is committed to getting results for every client. Crowdfunders who need a big boost in crowdfunding PR coverage and funding should consider Get Funded PR. Visit, GetFundedPR for more details.


Crowdfunding PR is full of cheap alternatives such as press releases and other email blasting services. Get Funded PR believes in a hands on approach to getting your crowdfunding project featured by the top media outlets. The results speak for themselves. In 2015 alone Get Funded PR became the fastest growing and most used crowdfunding PR agency on Kickstarter.


Get Funded PR reviews show that crowdfunders are getting the results that they need. Although Kickstarter and Indiegogo presents a unique set of challenges, Get Funded PR is always ready to help. More importantly, GetFundedPR is their to do the hard work.


GetFundedPR.com reviews for crowdfunding PR across the web are positive, and for good reason. Get Funded PR has guaranteed media coverage and results for their clients who are crowdfunding. It is never more important to make sure you’re getting the best crowdfunding PR behind your project.


When you work with Get Funded PR you’re getting our entire team behind your awesome crowdfunding project from start to finish. The PR team loves working with crowdfunders with unique ideas and projects who just need funding to make their dreams come true. Get Funded PR believes that crowdfunding is the ticket to launching your ideas and making those dreams a reality.


GetFundedPR reviews describe a young and energetic crowdfunding PR service for Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns. Without a passion for helping others you can only get mediocre results. Many crowdfunding PR services come up short when it comes to getting their clients results. At Get Funded PR we live up to our name and push for every project to get funded.


Enroll online today and get started with Get Funded PR. Learn more by visiting Get Funded PR.